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LoungeCast #28

  -  Mental Wealth


1 Boards of Canada - Everything You Do Is A Balloon
2 Keen - Desertic Cave
3 Layo & Bushwacka! - Sleepy Language
4 Yuri Petrovski - Smoke This
5 Fauna Flash - Mother Nature (Blue Foundation Remix)
6 Omega One - Body Double
7 Bonobo - The Plug
8 Dj Mitsu The Beats - Change
9 Moon & Benk - Pimp My Style
10 Freddie Joachim - Meditation
11 Heralds of Change - Part of The World
12 St Germain - Forget it
13 Pax & Pry - Sleep (Arts The Beats Doctor Remix)
14 Long Arm - The Waterfall Inside Me
15 Thievery Corporation - Shaolin Satellite
16 The XX - Intro
17 Aphex Twin - Ageispolis

LoungeCast #28 Mental Wealth, Let me tell you what bugs me of the human endeavor. Ive never been a human in question, have you? Mankind went to the moon, I dont even know where Grimsby is. Forget progress by proxy, land on your own moon. Its no longer about what they can achieve, out there on your behalf, but what we can experience, up here, in our own time. Its called, mental wealth. By Chris Cunningham for Sony, 1999.

First Aired: February 2017

Thievery Corporation & Tycho Interview

Having been longtime fans of both Thievery Corporation & Tycho, we were stoked to find this interview between, the very nice guys, Rob Garza from Thievery Corporation and Scott Hansen from Tycho. They have a 1 hour session chatting about how Thievery corporation was started and how the music industry has developed over the years. Very funny to hear the two friends chat about music and how Garza explains that music can be made almost out of any device / software as long as there is enough delay and reverb added. Also how Tycho was inspired by the genre Drum & Bass in his early days and was mistakenly hated for sounding like a copy of Boards of Canada. Furthermore how, in the old days, concerts were necessary to sell CD's to create an income and how it has turned upside down today, to releasing music being the driving factor to throw concerts, to create an income. Last but not least Rob Garza calling Scott Hansen a Synth junky. Link to the interview here.



April 2023