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LoungeCast #25

  -  Nexus 6


1 Vangelis - Tears in The Rain
2 Hammock - North
3 Loscil - Hyphae
4 Aphex Twin - #3
5 Helios - First Dream Called Ocean
6 Vangelis - Blade Runner Main Title
7 Global Communication - 9:39
8 Eric Serra - Koolen
9 Vangelis - Blush Response
10 Susumu Yokota - Saku
11 Lemongrass - Lake of Lava
12 Rhian Sheehan - Traveller
13 Jonny Nash - A Shallow Space
14 Four Hands - Hizou
15 Akira Kosemura - Hicari
16 Nils Frahm - Less
17 Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)

LoungeCast #25 Nexus 6 is the most chilled LoungeCast till date. As opposed to previous episodes, it is entirely composed of atmospheric / ambient tracks, which makes it perfect for finding ease of mind, for example before bedtime. The theme is built around Ridley Scotts movie Bladerunner, which compliments the futuristic sounds of the tracks throughout the mix.

First Aired: June 2015

LoungeCast# 43

  -  Calma


1 D.K. & Suzanne Kraft  - Fade
2 Jonny Nash - Maroon Crisp
3 Jonsi - Sleeping Giant
4 Huerco S - A Sea of Love
5 Synkro - Harbour
6 Spheruleus - Passo Longo
7 Benoit Pioulard - Corvid
8 Gigi Masin - Kite
9 Brian Eno - Chamber Lightness
10 Goldmund - Sometimes
11 Abandoned - Ode to a Glorious Night
12 Mr YT - Morning

LoungeCast #43 Calma, this LoungeCast was inspired by the newly established Calma_KW, a sensory deprivation floating concept. A gentle way to disengage from the world and reconnect with your soul.


Intro by Thich Nhat Hanh: "In our daily life, we think too much and because we think too much, we are not truly our selves. Our body may be here but our mind maybe elsewhere; in the past, in the future. Therefore running to the future, or getting lost in the past, you miss life and therefore breathing in and out, is to get back to the present moment, where you have an appointment with life".


First Aired: November 2019

Metropolis 1927 - 2015

We had the pleasure of experiencing the 1927 Fritz Lang movie master piece "Metropolis", in a 2015 soundtrack re-make by Danish team "Manden med Kamerat" (Man with the camera). The silent film soundtrack is newly composed with tracks by Brian Eno, Faithless, Massive Attack, Portishead, Ganga, Cinema Orchestra and New Order. A unique story telling experience is created by the combination of the old - yet futuristic picture and the embedded tracks that combined unleash their full emotional potential. The film is currently run in selected Danish theaters, and we are yet to find out, if it will be released elsewhere. Don't miss a chance to watch the original, as well as the overwhelming re-make. See the trailer here - "The mediator between head and hands must be the heart". 



October 2015